Plant-Based Vibrational Elixirs

“The most wonderful thing about flower essences are their ability to promote healing on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels, which then helps to create more health and harmony in your physical body.” Christiane Northrup, M.D.

All plants have a unique vibrational energy pattern. I have been creating vibrational elixirs using flowers, trees, and gemstones since 2001. These are natural infusions using a steeping method similar to making tea, by placing the flower/twig or a gemstone to steep in water in sunlight. This captures energy vibration. The plant material is then filtered out of the water. These elixirs contain no physical plant material and they have no fragrance, unlike essential oils. Brandy is the default preservative used, but I also can substitute organic apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin on request. Usage is most commonly 4 drops under the tongue, but may also be used in beverages, bath water, mixed into body lotions, and used in spray bottles to mist the air. It is suggested to use every 4 hours as needed, but if you feel you need to use more frequently, know that there are no side effects as these are vibrational elixirs, and safe to use intuitively more often. 

The StarLight Essences

This was the very first collection created in 2001, for the rising vibrations on the planet. Very general use for anyone, these are extremely gentle.

The Wings on the Ground 9 Virtues

This collection was created based on the 9 Virtues of Wings on the Ground, with one extra one called Overlighting. Overlighting is an “umbrella” for ALL of the 9 virtues, in one blend. Overlighting is what is suggested as a maintenance elixir, after working with the 9 Virtues over a period of time, at least a year. The other individual elixirs are very helpful if you are feeling stuck or plateaued on one of the Virtues; or, as a beginner to use it to help release energetic blockages and open up to receive the new Light Language attunements for each of the 9 Virtues, which are received at every Masterclass. In development is one called BodyWisdom/Discernment. It is not one of the 9 Virtues, but a new channeled message has been added to the Virtue of Courage. 

Source Self

This is the only elixir that is not in a collection. It is a custom blend specifically intuited for you, and whatever you need at the present time. 

Emily’s Essences: Triple Goddess Balance 

These were created as a response to my daughter experiencing mood changes in the days before and during her menstrual cycles. Research was conducted to find flower, tree and gemstone essences to create blends which may help support body, mind and spirit transitions for women at all stages of their lives. 

The Goddess Guides

The newest collection, which will be expanding, to honor the archetypes of various goddesses, from various cultures. What “attribute” of a particular goddess do you feel you could use more of? What goddess would you like to know more about? More goddess archetypes will be added to this collection, as the goddesses “come through” with their heart-felt energies in support of the rising divine feminine. This will in turn, allow for the divine masculine to re-emerge from the shadows, and the two will dance in beautiful balance, once again.

Feels Like Home

Do you feel drawn to look at the stars in the night sky? Do you ever feel you are not from here, and experience an unexplainable homesickness? Have you ever had dreams of beings from other places communicating with you? Do you feel a particular fondness (or the opposite) for a particular planet or star system? This collection is the Galactic series which will help you feel connected to the feeling of “home” while you are on your mission on Mama Gaia. 


This collection is an honoring of sacred sites around Mama Gaia, as well as our own ancestors, our lineages. We are always supported by our ancestors, and they delight to be of assistance to us. Sometimes, we are working on breaking ancestral patterns, and our family does support us in freeing ourselves from patterns that no longer serve us. Sometimes, these patterns of behavior were necessary for survival, but that is no longer the case. Extensive research went into discovery of what plants were readily available in ancient times, as well as what gemstones were common. Please note that these essences are very strong, and should be used in a particular protocol: 4 drops under the tongue before bed, for one week. Then, regular protocol may be used. You may notice vivid dreams and emotional releases that first week. What these essences create is a release of whatever needs to be released first, whether that is connected to a geographical site, or some beliefs and patterns of behavior that are no longer valid in your life. Secondly, this creates space for new beliefs and patterns to appear and integrate to support you in the NOW of your journey.