Frequently Asked Questions

What is WOTG?

Wings on the Ground training is a channeled course that supplies angelic light language and principals called Virtues that activate the personal key codes of your divine blueprint to further open the communication with your higher power for healing, divine guidance, manifestation and understanding.

It's meant to to also assist with the many Earth changes and in keeping your light frequencies balanced and bright so that you can walk in the world more purposefully and positively, while contributing to the change of the world needs.

What is my personal role in the training?

To simply be open to receive. To hold a reflective and sacred presence within the group setting and personal integration. Most importantly to say YES! To the call of your soul purpose and living in your own authenticity and integrity.

What are light language attunements?

Light language is a frequency based language meant to bypass the human thought processes and speak directly to the soul self. This is done to attune you to the frequencies of your divine blueprint (the purpose of incarnating at this time) and unlock your keycodes that are encoded within this blueprint to live and interact with your highest purposeful intentions.

How can I use this training?

This particular training is not modality to practice. It is an unlocking of your divine purpose and a divine way of BEing. This training is a highly individualized process, so each person takes away whatever his or her personality and soul self require to accomplish their divine soul purpose. Many have had life changing experiences from this training. After taking Wings on the Ground training, there are two other trainings offered if one is drawn to do so, True North Initiation and Aurora Omniversal Healing.