The Goddess Guides Introduction of Essences

As I began to create this new series of essences, The Goddess Guides, I was beginning with Essence of Lilith, since I had mentioned I was doing two more series, one of goddesses, and one of angelics. I had an order to fill for Lilith. 

It has become clear to me that this series is going to be so very different from the other ones. The various essences were still chosen energetically guided, but before, I was not to give the “why” each essence was chosen to be in a particular blend, not even for the custom blends. It was to be different for everyone, and I was to surrender to the allowance of intuitive “choosing” each essence and to ALLOW them to be perfect for each bottle, and for every individual. 

Not only was the method different, so too may be their stories. 

I was raised in a Christian household, but not strict. My mother was Methodist and my father was Catholic. We did NOT go to church every week until we were teenagers. I was pretty much raised by The Golden Rule, and although I did go to vacation Bible school as a kid, and I do recall Sunday School and drawing pictures, we were pretty much left with Dad reading the Christmas Story to us on Christmas Eve and mom dressing us up for Easter services. I DID have a very early interest in the Easter STORY, because it did not ring completely true for me, even as a child. I was not indoctrinated in any strict dogma. I did not understand a vengeful God. I did not understand rules or damnation or any of that. Dad would often take us kids out on Sunday mornings, often out in nature. Nature was my original church. So perhaps I did not have as much “un-learning” or “opening up” to do as other people. In my heart, ALL was possible, as long as it felt “of love”.

The information that has been channeled to me, has gone through my own filters, although there is not much to filter, other than what has felt “correct” in my body and what has felt “untrue” or incomplete. As angels began appearing in my life as a young adult, I was neither afraid nor excited. I did feel honored. But they have always felt “natural” as in I have always known they were there. Same with elementals. They felt like they were friends. 

I ask you to read these channelings with an open heart and mind. Some may trigger a response from somewhere deep inside your belief system. These words are not up for debate, so I will not engage with anyone wanting to argue that something is impossible or not true etc. I am simply a messenger. And it is time.  

Introducing New Products & Services

Remember Series of Vibrational Elixirs

The Remember Series focuses on sacred sites all over the world, and our ancestral lineages! 

Co-created by Cathy Andrews of Wings on the Ground and Lisa Starr of Sacred Energy and Healing, these vibrational elixirs may bring back memories of times past, or stories that have been passed down through your lineages; perhaps you may feel a connection to one of these elixirs and not even know why. 

Their creation was very different from any of the other elixirs! So much research went into every single blend highlighting indigenous flowers, trees, vegetables and fruit, minerals and gemstones. Cathy and Lisa created many of the gemstone elixirs themselves. Included in every Remember blend are Perelandra Essences: various rose essences from their Rose II collection; Sobopla from their Nature Program Essences; and essences from their Soul Ray collection. Every blend contains Sobopla, which balances and stabilizes the triangle created by the relationship and interaction between the soul, its physical body, and the planet upon which the body resides. As a result, the soul, body and planet become one strong, fully functioning triangular unit. Sobopla also balances and stabilizes the physical seating of the body/soul unit to the planet. 

The Remember series has a two-fold function: they will help “uncover” patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you for release, creating the space to bring forward gifts and beneficial patterns and beliefs. For this reason, the Wings on the Ground crew (angels, galactics, ascended masters and your own spiritual guides) advise to take these elixirs at night before bed, 4 drops under the tongue. This is to help you with your release work, if you have anything to release, so a large part of it may happen during The Dreamtime. You know your energy and physical body best; therefore, if you feel that you need to continue taking your Remember elixir only at night for a time extended beyond the first week, that is perfectly fine. Thereafter, feel free to use the Remember elixirs in the same manner you use all of the other ones: 4 drops under the tongue as often as desired; use in your beverages, bath water, lotions, or a mister bottle. The standard preservative is always brandy, but we can accommodate you if you prefer vegetable glycerin or apple cider vinegar. 

We are very excited to present these to you! As you scroll through the selections, notice the ingredients. Some very rare and unique essences are included. Enjoy!


The Goddess Guides $22/1 oz bottle

Why Lilith instructed these Essences to be $22/bottle

With the other Wings on the Ground essence series, it was channeled as a group consciousness by ALL the energies in each series, the price to charge per bottle for each collection. This one was different. It was channeled directly from Lilith! Each bottle was to be $22, and she asked me to tell women what significance this has to The Goddess Guides Series.

The number 22 vibrates with duality. In each one of us there is a feminine and a masculine energy. #22 can help bring balance and is linked to relationships and partnerships. (Ah Lilith, you are spot on!) But wait, there is more!

The number 22 indicates a spirit of cooperation and diplomacy will help us get ahead. It encourages a state of peace, power, harmony and tranquility. (oh, just like in Eden!). It is believed #22 signifies a purposeful life and the strong potential for dreams to come to reality.

This Master Number also carries meanings of expansion, philanthropy, personal power, intuition and emotion. 

ALL The Goddess Guides Essences are for empowerment. Each one will have a different focus, but ALL of them are created to bring about the perfect balance between the masculine and feminine in every one of us. Thank you, Lilith!