Participant Feedback and Testimonials


"Even if you have been on the awakening path for many years this workshop, this-it is really beyond a workshop-it is a decision to bring even more into your awareness, out of your head & into your heart. It begins and deepens transformations already started. And it is only the beginning of what has and is being brought through Sh'R Ah. You will never really "leave" any part of this workshop but you will go forth with a new awareness of all "Wings On The Ground" truly means and ALL the many ways you are supported both in Spirit and human form. You will be blessed beyond measure. The essences and oils are AMAZING!!! And each time you go it gets better and better and opens you up to more and more." ~Patty Lake

"Wings on the Ground is an enlightened course on how to shed the ego and align with your true self in a practical way, surrounded by beautiful like-minded souls." - Shannon

"Wonderful opportunity to deepen your connection to self, spirit and similar souls and to feel pure connection and love." - Kara

"Life changing and up leveling.  Broadening my horizons to new modalities.  This is for all ages." - Amanda

"Come open with no expectations. What is meant to come to you will come." - Kerry